10 Great EdTech Lists to Ring in the New Year

10 Great EdTech Lists to Ring in the New Year Many classrooms are full of activity in the busy weeks leading up to the holidays. There might be tests, projects, celebrations, and concerts while teachers have grades to submit and clean-up to tackle. It’s not unusual for some of the initiatives that had teachers inspired in […]

One District’s Experience with Personalized Learning at Both Ends of the Tech Spectrum

One District’s Experience with Personalized Learning at Both Ends of the Tech Spectrum Anyone who follows the world of education knows that “Personalized Learning” is said to be the way of the future. Personalized Learning, however, is more than just an education buzzword — it’s a multi-faceted endeavor with many benefits, beneficiaries, challenges, and rewards.

Personalize Learning with Technology and Help Students Achieve Goals

From Around the Web: Exploring Technology’s Impact on Personalized Learning In this EdTech Digest guest column post, titled “Getting Personal,” by Jason Wright, the evolution of personalized learning in education is explored, as well as the vital role technology plays in creating a student-centered learning environment. What Exactly Is Personalized Learning? Wright defines personalized learning as […]

Supercharge Your Activity Periods Without the Headache!

Seamless Activity Period Management Without the Hassle | At Eduspire Solutions, we aim to create technologies that simplify the lives of teachers and school administrators. It’s always a plus when we can streamline certain processes for students as well. FlexTime Manager is an innovative application which allows students to personalize part of their daily schedule, every day. For classrooms […]

You're Not Still Using Outdated Paper Hall Passes, Are You?

The Online, Digital Hall Pass Solution | Eduspire Solutions is proud of its flagship product, e-hallpass! e-hallpass is a ground-breaking application designed to modernize today’s antiquated methods of administering hall passes. e-hallpass is also the only comprehensive digital hall pass solution on the market today. It handles all pass situations, including bathroom and locker visits, library and hub spaces, and requests from guidance, […]

Personalized Daily Schedules Tied to Learning Goals

Teachers, Free Yourselves From the Bell Schedule | Are personalized daily schedules truly a possibility? Actually, they’re a reality! Meet SCHedOOL, by Eduspire Solutions! SCHedOOL is a uniquely student-centric scheduling system for both students and teachers which makes flexible scheduling possible through an innovative, cloud-based application. SCHedOOL is ideal for small teams of teachers offering workshops and other activity […]

Increase Student Engagement This Back-to-School Season!

Introducing VoiceChoicer for Empowering Preferences in Student Learning | Welcome! We’re Eduspire Solutions, and we develop software and technology for schools that either are 1:1 or want to be. Our web-based and mobile applications are designed by educators, for educators to streamline and enhance classroom monitoring and the scheduling of student activities. If you’ve been looking for […]