Learn More About the Most Customizable Master of Educational Technology Degree in the Country

Can’t Get Enough EdTech? Why Not Get an EdTech Masters Degree? Hi everyone! If you’d like to learn an edtech masters degree online, keep reading! As you’re probably aware, our sister company, Eduspire, is an innovative provider of professional development courses for teachers. Through their more than 50 ed-tech related courses, Eduspire seeks to reinvigorate teachers […]

e-hallpass: School Security When it Matters Most

The Online Digital Hall Pass Solution Our application e-hallpass (EHP) is a ground-breaking software solution for 1:1 or bring-your-own-device schools, designed to modernize and simplify today’s antiquated methods of administering hall passes. EHP digitally enhances both accountability and school security with easy-to-use cloud-based technology. Benefits include effortless hall pass creation and approval, instant logging of […]

Updates to Appointment Pass Improve e-hallpass Experience for All Users

Enhancements to Appointment Pass Back in June of this year we released Appointment Pass, a module for e-hallpass that allows school staff to create future passes for appointments with students. Think guidance counselor, scheduled early dismissal, makeup tests, etc. To jog your memory, consider revisiting the blog post from June 20, 2017 titled “Appointment Pass […]

Truly Personalized Learning: A Top-Down Approach to Curriculum Design

Is A Standard Curriculum Necessary? The argument for less standardization and broader curricula in schools is not an unfamiliar one. Standardized state curriculum, standardized testing, and Common Core state standards are, with good intentions, designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to be academically successful and to equip/adequately prepare them for a fruitful collegiate […]

The Future of EdTech Holds Some Exciting Possibilities

Undoubtedly one of the slower industries to adopt and widely use technology to reshape itself, education is finally coming around. Gradually, schools across the country are starting to allocate budgets toward digital initiatives and tech tools aimed at improving the learning experience and streamlining processes. One example of a tech tool that has not yet […]

Personalized Learning and EdTech: What Really Works?

Personalized Learning is a Big Picture Concept As we discussed in another of our blog posts called “Defining Personalized Learning,”  there are many components and approaches to this very broad term. It’s not one-size-fits-all; there is no “personalized learning” policy manual that says a school or a teacher should perform in any specific way to […]

Appointment Pass for e-hallpass is Here!

Introducing Appointment Pass! Appointment Pass is a new e-hallpass module that allows staff to create “future passes” for appointments with students. We see this working for guidance counselors to build out their calendars (eliminating the paper chase), scheduling students to come to the office (eliminating call-downs over the PA), or any other time a staff […]

FlexTime Manager: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Tutoring Module Available

Introducing Peer Tutoring the Way It Should Be Users of FlexTime Manager know that it simplifies scheduling, provides flexibility, and facilitates communication. We intend to streamline the administrative and student roles in coordinating flexible activity blocks and personalized learning time as much as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced our new P2P (peer-to-peer tutoring) add-on module.

Introducing Streamlined Implementation for e-hallpass!

What Does Streamlined Implementation Mean for e-hallpass Customers? Eduspire Solutions is dedicated to constantly improving its software to meet the needs of teachers, administrators and students. The changes we’ve made to our implementation process by introducing Streamlined Implementation (SI) will not only make it easier to get up and running with e-hallpass, but will make […]