The perfect solution for school vandalism: e-hallpass

Just last month, a viral theme on the social media platform TikTok led to widespread damage in schools across the country. The “devious licks” challenge encouraged students to record themselves stealing or vandalizing school property, then posting the videos online.


One Tennessee district has had over 100 incidents in its 14 middle and high schools. All of these incidents have been linked to some form of social media challenge. These actions come with severe consequences, and many students and their families are left paying thousands of dollars in fines.


Other districts across the nation have reported several incidents over the last few months. Many of the damages target school bathrooms where school officials find broken mirrors, damaged soap dispensers, and sinks or toilets removed. Some of these students get caught, and some do not. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about the real-life consequences of participating in these challenges.


At Eduspire Solutions, we have been helping school districts deal with security and vandalism issues for years. Our digital hall pass software e-hallpass is helping schools deal with social media challenges, security issues, vandalism, hall management, and much more. Currently being utilized in schools in every state, e-hallpass is the perfect way to combat these social media challenges. In the video below, The New Kensington-Arnold School District says it will start using e-hallpass to improve student accountability and prevent student vandalism.


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