New e-hallpass System Upgrades

We made some significant upgrades to the e-hallpass (EHP) system and are excited to share these with you.  There is a new look and feel to EHP, but the menus and system functionality remain mostly the same.  Please see the details below that outline the key changes in the new system.  

We are live with the new changes.


General System Updates


Accessing EHP:  Users will access and log into the system the same way they have done in the past.  The URL remains the same and user credentials will carry over from the previous system.  Admins can update passwords in User Management, or send an invite, or the manual user can use the “Forgot Password” on the log in screen.  

Below is an example of the new login screen:


Previous School and Personal Settings:  Your school settings will be brought over to your new EHP system.  This includes:  Users, Rooms/Locations, Pass Times, Periods, Pass Transparency settings, Auto Pass settings, existing student photos, and Limits that were previously set in your system.  If Auto Check-in or Kiosk are enabled at the school level, these settings will be transferred as well.


All of your pass history WILL BE available in your new system via the Pass History, Summary Reports, and Contact Tracing/Meet-up Report.  


Personal “Profile Settings” will also transfer over, which includes profile picture, title, PIN, associated locations, and Auto Check-in PINs. 



New Top Menu Bar:  Please see below for a description of what is available in this menu bar.


Additional Updates for Teachers & Staff


Dashboard Changes:  The pass statistic boxes are not in the same order at the top of the Dashboard and an “Auto Passes” box and Kiosk icon/box have been added.  (See example below.)


  • Building Passes are now in the first box, My Passes are second, and Flagged Passes are third.

  • Auto Passes are the fourth box and provide access to setting up Auto Pass locations and limits as available and desired.  

  • A Kiosk icon has been added in this area and if your school has enabled the Kiosk module, you will be able to see how many active kiosks you have set up.

  • There is no longer a toggle between viewing “Only My Active” and “All Active” passes.  This is now two different tabs that are available on the Dashboard.

To see “Ended Passes” there is no longer a checkbox to view or add these, but instead a toggle that allows the user to select passes being viewed as:  Active, Both, or Ended

Student Mobile App 


There will be a mobile app available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store soon.  Please note that this initial app version is only for students, and usage for Admins, Teachers, and Staff is currently in development and will be added over the summer.


Students can log into the app using their Google, O365, Clever, or ClassLink school credentials