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Social Distancing Enhanced Security Anti - Vaping Measures Keep certain students apart


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e-hallpass Social Distancing
Social Distancing Support
e-hallpass security
Building Security Benefits
e-hallpass classroom management
Classroom Management Benefits
e-hallpass anti vaping
Anti Vaping Features
Appointment Passes

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e-hallpass is used by hundreds of schools all over the country within many different technology environments

Regardless of whether your school has iPads Chromebooks laptops for every student, or allows personal use of cell phones, there is a way for your school to use e-hallpass and experience the benefits of digital hall pass management.

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e-hallpass social distancing

Social Distancing Support

Easily encourage social distancing protocols and maintain safeguards with this suite of intuitive features.

Contactless Hall Passes

No-touch hall pass system prevents spread of germs.

contactless hall passes
e-hallpass contact tracing

Contact Tracing

Easy reporting of who was on a pass at the same time as student X over any period of time.

Pass Volume Limits

Limit passes by student, location, and even set
building-wide limits.
e-hallpass volume limits
e-hallpass location control

Location Control

Limit amount of passes to certain locations.

Deep Cleaning

Easily identify how many passes certain locations have received in order to prioritize sanitation schedules. 

e-hallpass covid sanitation

Building Security Benefits

With features that grant complete transparency and real-time data at your fingertips, it’s easy to pinpoint and safeguard your building’s security needs.


Live Dashboard

Live, user-friendly pass details for all teachers and admins.

Incident Response

Real-time hall pass data at your fingertips anytime it’s needed enables prompt responses and de-escalation of potential issues.

e-hallpass notifications


Always know who has a pass and who doesn’t (without asking the student!)


Total transparency and visibility on all hall pass data, for every student, over any given period of time.

e-hallpass accountability
e-hallpass classroom management

Classroom Management Benefits

Thoughtful features that end hall pass abuse, providing teachers with actionable data, fewer interruptions, consistency, and transparency.

Unique Data

First ever actionable data on non-instructional time.

e-hallpass actionable data
e-hallpass stops pass abuse

Stop Frequent Flyers

Stop frequent flyers and pass abusers with ease.

Hands-Free Passes

Teachers can approve many passes with a simple head-nod or wave of the hand (it’s that simple).

e-hallpass hands free

Pass Justice

Consistent and transparent pass approval keeps things fair.

End Hall Pass Abuse

Utilize hall passes the way they were meant to be used and prevent students from abusing hall passes.

Anti-Vaping Features

Put an end to vaping in the halls, bathrooms, corridors, and courtyards with the ability to block certain students from meeting and our location control feature. 

Stop Meet-ups

Keep certain students from meeting up regardless from where they are coming from.

Location Control

Limit the amount of passes going to certain locations.

Appointment Passes

Schedule a pass for any student from any device, request a pass for any teacher (requires teacher approval), and receive auto-notifications prior to scheduled appointments.

For Teachers

Schedule a pass for any student from any device.

For Students

Request a pass for any teacher (requires teacher’s approval).

Hall Pass Alerts

Auto-Notifications prior to appointment.

End Hall Pass Abuse!

Additional Benefits

Device Limitations?

Kiosk Mode is ideal for rooms with limited devices (with or without bar-code scanning).

Pass Freedom

The student can travel with or without a device. Every pass monitor now already has visibility into all passes, without needing to ask students.

Student Privacy

No GPS or location tracking services and students are not required to use a cell phone.

Data Security

Eduspire Solutions is a member of the SDPC (Student Data Privacy Consortium) and its software is FERPA compliant.

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