FlexTime Manager Version 2

At Eduspire Solutions, we are constantly looking to improve our software.  Welcome to version 2 of FlexTime Manager (FTM)! We have made some significant upgrades to the system and are excited to share these with you. Below are some of the newest features of FlexTime Manager version 2:

New Updated Look and Feel

Eduspire Solutions is an innovative company, always looking to make improvements for a more streamlined user experience. That’s why we created a brand new look and feel that is much easier for the user to navigate. Below is an updated version of the calendar view.

New Admin Dashboard

Admins now have a dashboard screen that provides an overview of what is scheduled for the day. There is a search feature and the option to use additional filters. Eventually, there will be an “Export” button so dashboard data can be easily used outside of FTM. 

Improved Roster Creation

Roster creation has been updated to be more friendly and user intuitive. Creating a roster will need  to be done prior to creating an activity, if a roster (or list of students) is needed for the activity. Creating a manual roster involves searching for the students individually within the system. The second option is to upload a CSV file of student email addresses to create a roster.


Some other updated features include:
  • Different ways to schedule activities
  • Student and mandatory activities 
  • Attendance features
  • User role changes
  • Catchall updates
  • Lunch Functionality
  • Notification changes 

We have created a Help Desk Portal where you can send requests for service, support, instructions, to report bugs, or suggest ideas for future enhancements. This will replace the current process of reaching out to your Project Manager directly via email or phone for support. Please keep in mind that this is not to be shared with all staff or students, but is primarily for system administrators.