Personalized Period(s)
Every Student
Every Day

  • Customize Part of Each School Day for Every Student
  • Activity Periods That Maximize Your Vision
  • Run SEL, Remediation and Enrichment Simultaneously

What's a Flex Period?

A Flex Period can be a remediation, activity, advisory, homeroom, extra-curricular or club period. Other names schools use for a flex period are PowerHour, Genius Time,
W.I.N (What I need) etc.

Where does it fit in the schedule?

FlexTime Manager can support all kinds of schedule configurations.

flextime manager

How it Works

flextime manager
flextime manager

Teachers choose what activity they want to offer during their Flex Period

  • Teachers can even offer multiple activities during the same Flex Period (each with different capacity and enrollment options)
  • Teachers can leave enrollment open or can attach a roster to the activity.
flextime manager
flextime manager

Students choose what activity they want to go to during their Flex Period

  • Academic priorities can override student choice as needed.
  • Students can also be assigned to activities via rosters.

flextime manager
flextime manager

FlexTime Manager Handles Everything!

  • Takes attendance (SIS attendance can be synced into FTM)
  • Issues change notifications to students
  • Manages max capacities
  • Keep certain students apart
  • and much more!

Pricing Information

FlexTime Manager is used by hundreds of schools all over the country within many different technology environments

Regardless of whether your school has

iPads Chromebooks laptops for every student

or allows personal use of cell phones, there is a way for your school to use FlexTime Manager and experience the benefits of personalized, flexible activity periods.

FlexTime Manager is $6 per student (tiered pricing & volume discount options available)

flextime manager

Go Beyond
Help vs. Study Hall

Easily encourage social distancing protocols and maintain safeguards with this suite of intuitive features.

Face 2 Face,
or Fully Virtual

With FTM, Hybrid or Virtual Learning Modes do not need to be without remediation and enrichment opportunities.
Ask us how.

flextime manager

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