Local Florida High School To Be Featured on National Public TV for Its Use of Digital Hall Passes — Case Study

Citrus High SchoolCitrus High School will be featured on PBS for its innovative use of digital hall pass technology. The school’s 1:1 device initiative makes the new digital hall pass system a natural fit. The digital hall pass tool promotes student accountability and streamlined classroom management with fewer interruptions, and provides the school with increased safety and security as well as proactive intervention for potential behavioral issues.You can view the TV special online here, or to learn more about this security tool, e-hallpass, contact Eduspire Solutions for a free pilot.

Local Florida High School Featured on National Public TV for Its Use of Digital Hall Passes — Case Study

It’s surprising that the majority of schools are still using old-fashioned methods of issuing student hall passes in a climate that has become increasingly focused on the use of technology and improving security protocols. With the new digital hall pass technology being used at Citrus High School in Inverness, Florida, student safety and security are vastly improved as real-time insights pertaining to students’ whereabouts and hall pass use are made available through teacher and admin dashboards. Accountability is also promoted: Assistant Principal Rob Thompson says he was looking for a way to create a “system of checks and balances” that would hold students responsible for issues occurring while they are between classes or out of class and using the halls.

Increasing Instructional Time with Efficient Classroom Management

Citrus High School teacher Kristen Neander enjoys the efficiency and ease of use that the new technology brings to her classroom. She says “I can continue what I’m doing in the classroom without any delay or lack of instruction,” referring to students taking ownership of their own hall pass process. With a digital hall pass solution, students have the ability to create and enable their own hall passes, leaving teachers virtually hands-free. If a teacher’s involvement is necessary for an out-of-the-ordinary pass request, a simple flick of the mouse or tap on the screen is all that’s necessary. This efficiency leads to increased instructional time, personalized use of space, and the development of student responsibility, all of which have a positive effect on school culture in general.

Information is Power: Proactive Management of Potential Discipline Issues

Thanks to the data insights provided by the digital hall pass technology, it’s easy to monitor the effectiveness of the tool. Mr. Thompson explains, “We have a department that runs reports from e-hallpass and they look at the number of times a student is using the tutoring services available by just pulling the reports.”
Another benefit to this data is the ability to identify hall use patterns and pinpoint potential problems. Early intervention becomes a possibility when real-time insights are readily available. If there’s an issue during the school day, an administrator can easily see each student who was out of the classroom on an active hall pass at the time the issue occurred, and subsequently call all of those students to the office in order to stem potentially problematic behavior.
Furthermore, frequent pass abusers can be identified and students who regularly meet each other in the halls can be blocked from having a pass at the same time.

Beyond the Hall Pass: An All-in-One School Tool

Digital hall pass technology is so much more than its name. Not only does it provide transparency into student whereabouts and behavior, but it promotes student safety, school security, improved instructional time, administrative efficiency, and more. To learn more about this revolutionary tool, e-hallpass, contact Eduspire Solutions for a free pilot.