How Safe and Secure is FlexTime Manager

How Safe and Secure is FlexTime Manager?

Eduspire Solutions places top priority on student data privacy and security. As such, we take the utmost care in developing our FlexTime Manager software and other products to protect student data. But how safe and secure is FlexTime Manager, and how can you ensure your students’ information will not fall into the hands of unauthorized people?

Our Software Privacy and Security Policy

Eduspire Solutions’ suite of products, including FlexTime Manager, are cloud-based software solutions for online and mobile use. Our privacy policy also covers all of Eduspire Solutions’ websites and other platforms our clients can access, and it clearly explains what kinds of personally identifiable information we collect and how we use it. It also describes with whom we may share the information and defines our security procedures to help protect user information from misuse.

User Data Privacy

Eduspire Solutions is a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium, and we have signed the Student Privacy Pledge. We are fully committed to protecting our users’ information, and all of our software and systems are compliant with the following federal statutes:

  • The Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment

We collect certain user data from students, teachers, administrators, and staff that includes first and last names, email addresses, and other personally identifiable information. Further, we do not collect information directly from users; users must submit their data to us by using our systems or platforms.

All data we collect remains the property of the client, and by accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, users authorize Eduspire Solutions to use and collect data that they transmit to our systems.

Eduspire Solutions does not share user data with anyone outside the company nor release any information to third parties without user authorization. Further, we only share information with third-party or successor entities if they have current data privacy and security policies that align with ours. We also do not use client data for any purpose other than legitimate administrative and educational purposes. We promise to never collect, use, sell, or share user information beyond a legitimate academic or administrative reason.

Data Security

Today, protecting your information is more critical than ever. However, it is also a challenge to ensure your information is secure, particularly when transmitting and accessing information online. 

How safe and secure is FlexTime Manager? We maintain full compliance with FERPA through our secured cloud infrastructure, and we take great measures to protect our users’ information. All information and data gathered and accessed through our systems go through a fully encrypted, secured connection, such as SSL or SFTP. We routinely back up our systems and have data recovery processes in place to protect the information in case of accidental data loss. 

Any information we collect or receive is stored in restricted areas of encrypted databases that require authorization and passwords to access. We only allow a limited number of people to access your information internally, and we require anyone we grant access to user information to keep the information confidential. 

Furthermore, we constantly scan our systems to check for possible data breaches or hacking, and we have total data security and remediation plans to respond to any unauthorized access attempts.

User Control and Access to Information

Our clients own the information they share with Eduspire Solutions through our systems, and we retain user information at the direction of a school or district. Any user who wishes to gain access to FlexTime Manager or any of our other products will have to obtain access authorization from their school or district. Eduspire Solutions does not retain user information for any longer than necessary, and a school or district may request we delete their information at any time. Because most of your user data pertains to children and students, you have every right to be concerned and ask, “how safe and secure is FlexTime Manager?” You can rest assured we do all we can to protect your users’ data and privacy, and we continually strive to ensure the safety and security of our system through constant vigilance and regular updates. You can use our platforms confidently without worrying about your users’ information falling into the wrong hands.