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Introducing VoiceChoicer for Empowering Preferences in Student Learning |

Welcome! We’re Eduspire Solutions, and we develop software and technology for schools that either are 1:1 or want to be. Our web-based and mobile applications are designed by educators, for educators to streamline and enhance classroom monitoring and the scheduling of student activities. If you’ve been looking for a way to boost student engagement by giving students more voice and choice while simplifying the scheduling of activities, you’ll definitely want to take a look at our cloud-based activity sorting and ranking application, VoiceChoicer.

Student-Centered Activity Voting Increases Student Engagement

VoiceChoicer LogoTeachers and students can enjoy the utmost in flexibility and customization with this powerful and innovative tool. VoiceChoicer streamlines attendance-taking and facilitates ease of reporting for educators and administrators. Teachers get to control their own schedules by choosing offerings based on their availability, preferences, and according to the capacity available. Then students get to vote for their preferred activities in order of their first, second or third choice! The typical first-come, first-served approach to sorting students is often unfair. VoiceChoicer helps teachers balance all selections in order to place students more frequently where they really want to be. This increases student engagement and satisfaction, and improves attitudes overall.
Teachers can easily assign students to activities based on their votes through an easy-to-use interface that color codes selections by student ranking. VoiceChoicer is easy to use! It has drag-and-drop simplicity that allows students to be easily moved from one activity to another. VoiceChoicer is an ideal, user-friendly solution for teachers running gym classes, computer labs, art activities, music classes, and more.

Unprecedented Transparency and Flexibility

VoiceChoicer alleviates the burdens traditionally associated with managing flexible activity periods. Teachers and students benefit from a more streamlined process that promotes choice and fairness, increasing student engagement and participation. If offerings are constrained due to limited facilities or supplies, VoiceChoicer allows for easy student allocation and reassignment. Teachers can override students’ selections or change their offered activities at any time.
Thanks to VoiceChoicer’s intuitive tracking and reporting, teachers quickly gain insights into patterns of student choice and can modify future offerings accordingly. Furthermore, students who haven’t voted are easily found in order to encourage proactive follow-up conversations.
Student placement is recorded and tracked so that fairness and organization are never an issue. Teachers are able to see how frequently each student has been placed in his or her first-choice activity in comparison to their peers. In addition, the app integrates with SIS and school attendance rosters for a truly seamless experience.

Easy Implementation with Multiple Options

VoiceChoicer runs on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems to provide maximum mobile device capability. Flexible implementation options include integration into Active Directory or Google Apps for Education. The typical implementation time is 2-4 weeks, and a Solutions representative can assist you in getting started (see below).

Want More Information?

Schedule an interactive demo with a Solutions representative today, or download our product information sheet and benefit summary to see if VoiceChoicer might be the answer to your school’s activity scheduling problems.