FlexTime Manager: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Tutoring Module Available

Introducing Peer Tutoring the Way It Should Be

Users of FlexTime Manager know that it simplifies scheduling, provides flexibility, and facilitates communication. We intend to streamline the administrative and student roles in coordinating flexible activity blocks and personalized learning time as much as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced our new P2P (peer-to-peer tutoring) add-on module.

Increasing Student Service and Participation

FlexTime Manager’s new P2P module is an easy way for teachers, guidance counselors, and other faculty to encourage qualified students to engage with their peers by allowing them to be tutors in a given subject. All of the necessary communication happens right in the app, with notifications to let students know that they have been nominated, prompting them to accept or decline the recommendation. Notifications are also sent to the appropriate teacher, who can further comment and endorse the student.
Additionally, students can volunteer to tutor in a subject of their interest. Upon a student-initiated nomination, the system notifies the appropriate teacher who then must approve or deny the student as a qualified tutor.
From the menu within the FlexTime Manager dashboard, students and faculty members will have a peer tutoring module icon/sub-menu. Students can select various guided processes from the information available in the menu, such as learning about the peer tutoring process and understanding how to apply. Students can complete their volunteer tutor application in just a few clicks. Notifications are also displayed in the menu when there are comments to be read or requests to be acknowledged.

Easy Administration

All active student tutors and pending nominations or volunteer requests for a given student are displayed in the admin dashboard. This eliminates duplicate peer tutoring nominations. If a teacher selects students to tutor a subject for which they have already been nominated, the screen will show the related pending nomination or active status. The designated Tutoring Coordinator can ensure that pending requests are promptly acknowledged by the appropriate faculty members, or they can approve and deny nominations on behalf of a teacher.
Even in large schools with thousands of students, it’s easy to identify and communicate with the student tutors. P2P promotes simple communication and coordination of peer tutoring activities. From within the admin dashboard, faculty can perform filtered searches by a number of criteria and easily message groups of student tutors.

Always There for Students

The addition of the peer tutoring module allows student tutors or those seeking help to indicate availability or select tutoring as an activity for the day as soon as they open up their schedules. Qualified student tutors will be prompted to share their availability and if they wish to tutor that day, they’ll be matched to a student seeking help. They will also be prompted to select a back-up activity in case they are not matched to another peer for tutoring. 
Likewise, students who are seeking help will see a single panel when they access their activity schedule, where they can express interest in receiving tutoring help. They’ll be prompted to make the necessary selections, such as course/subject and date/time, and their request will be matched to any available student tutors with the selected availability and expertise. Students seeking peer tutoring will also choose a back-up activity in case there is no tutor available in the subject or on the date they’ve selected.
P2P matches student tutors and “tutees” on the day for which the tutoring request was made. When students are matched to tutors, the back-up activities selected by both parties are automatically canceled, simplifying scheduling and communication for everyone involved.
Do you have a need for streamlined peer tutoring or flexible activity scheduling in your  1:1 school? Contact a Solutions representative to get started or to request a personalized webinar. Flexible implementation options include integration into SIS or G Suite for Education. FlexTime Manager runs on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems for multiple device capability. Want to take some information back to your school? Be sure to visit the FlexTime Manager product page to watch a video overview, see testimonials, or download printable information.  If you are an existing FTM user and you want to add P2P tutoring to your system, please speak with your assigned Solutions Project Coordinator.