Personalized Daily Schedules Tied to Learning Goals

Teachers, Free Yourselves From the Bell Schedule |

Are personalized daily schedules truly a possibility? Actually, they’re a reality! Meet SCHedOOL, by Eduspire Solutions! SCHedOOL is a uniquely student-centric scheduling system for both students and teachers which makes flexible scheduling possible through an innovative, cloud-based application. SCHedOOL is ideal for small teams of teachers offering workshops and other activity sessions for their students. It facilitates streamlined customization and flexibility. Teachers can offer sessions that are different from day to day, free of any bell schedule, and without constraints of start time, end time, or length of period.

Student-Centered Scheduling and Personalized Daily Schedules

SCHedOOL for Personalized Daily SchedulesSCHedOOL also gives students choice in scheduling sessions. Students can select teacher-offered activities or create their own student-driven activities and learning goals. Selections are automatically placed onto students’ personalized daily schedules, and teachers have the ability to override as needed. SCHedOOL easily manages students’ selections and changes, while tracking progress toward learning goals that can be reviewed with teachers.

What Would Simple, Customized Scheduling Mean For You?

You will love the easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop scheduling capabilities within the SCHedOOL app. Menu choices and activity types can be modified per school, which promotes simplicity and efficiency within a truly integrated framework. Not only that but, with SCHedOOL, it’s easy to stay organized and keep students accountable — activities are simple to identify and choose.
In addition, session and activity options can be tagged with a visual icon that corresponds to specific skills for easy identification and rapid choice, promoting increased participation. Students’ selections over time can help teachers tailor their offerings. The ability to control and customize personalized daily schedules may have seemed like a distant, futuristic concept — until now.

Attendance and Transparency, Hand In Hand

What good is a system of personalized daily schedules if it doesn’t seamlessly integrate with attendance rosters? SCHedOOL requires students to check in for each activity while automatically creating attendance rosters that can be connected to the school’s SIS.
SCHedOOL is intuitive: teachers receive alerts when students check in and out of various activities, and they can provide feedback in order to communicate instantly. Teachers can override a student’s workshop choice when needed. As a result, it’s easy to incorporate any necessary or mandatory sessions to ensure timeliness of make-up work.
Full transparency, overview, and accountability are provided so that teachers and administrators have complete visibility into student activities. Offerings and schedules are always clear to all staff and faculty. Due to the visibility of calendars and schedules, along with convenient session check-in functionality, accountability is increased.

Wait, There’s More?

SCHedOOL boasts an array of impressive additional features for enhanced management of student activities:

Per-Session Feedback:

The system can collect student feedback on a per-session basis, providing teachers with useful data that informs decisions regarding future sessions.

Conference Auto-Scheduling:

SCHedOOL provides a unique ability to auto-schedule one-on-one conferences with any group of students for any length of time. Those conferences are then displayed in the participants’ respective calendars. The system automatically cues the next student’s notes for the following meeting. This is ideal for projects or course advising.

Goal Setting:

Teachers and students can work together to create learning goals intended to drive students’ activity choices. Increased communication is a natural by-product of fostering a more open and collaborative relationship between teachers and students. It’s easy to track progress toward learning goals through feedback submitted directly within the app.

Want More Information? 

Finally, Eduspire Solutions offers flexible implementation options for SCHedOOL customers who wish to experience the freedom of personalized daily schedules for themselves. These options include integration into SIS, Active Directory, or Google Apps for Education. SCHedOOL runs on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems for multiple device capability, and the typical implementation time is 3-4 weeks. Talk to a Solutions representative today to get started! Still not sure if SCHedOOL is right for you? Use our contact form to request a personalized demo, or download our product information sheet and benefit summary to take information back to your school.