Personalize Learning with Technology and Help Students Achieve Goals

From Around the Web: Exploring Technology’s Impact on Personalized Learning

In this EdTech Digest guest column post, titled Getting Personal,” by Jason Wright, the evolution of personalized learning in education is explored, as well as the vital role technology plays in creating a student-centered learning environment.

What Exactly Is Personalized Learning?

Wright defines personalized learning as “a variety of learning experiences that are tailored to the distinct learning needs of individual students,” and explains that educators who practice this student-centered approach are more likely to enable students to reach their full potential thanks to increased engagement and greater retention of material.

How Does Personalized Learning Improve the Student-Teacher Experience?

Instead of focusing entirely on the technology tools available to educators who wish to exercise personalized learning techniques, Wright describes the ways in which such resources aid in student assessment metrics such as repetition and long-term memory, learning styles, on-demand learning, individual tracking, and students taking an active role in their education.
Providing links to external resources which further support his points on assessing individual student progress and students’ motivation to learn, Wright concludes his piece with a strong statement:

Personalized education results in better retention, higher performance, and improved engagement. Teachers should now look to technology to help them provide individualized learning to their students.

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Looking for Tech Tools to Support Your Personalized Learning Initiatives?

For examples of innovative technology tools that drive personalized learning, check out Eduspire’s guest post (on the Whooo’s Reading blog),  titled 10 Personalized Learning Apps,” or take a look at our tools, FlexTime Manager and VoiceChoicer, unique software products which facilitate flexible scheduling and student activity voting and management.