Introducing Streamlined Implementation for e-hallpass!

What Does Streamlined Implementation Mean for e-hallpass Customers?

Eduspire Solutions is dedicated to constantly improving its software to meet the needs of teachers, administrators and students. The changes we’ve made to our implementation process by introducing Streamlined Implementation (SI) will not only make it easier to get up and running with e-hallpass, but will make it possible for smaller schools to use the software without the same technical requirements and implementation costs that were necessary before.

SI Brings Choice to Schools on Technical Setup

Streamlined Implementation provides more choices for new customers. Schools that prefer to have Eduspire Solutions take care of more involved technical integration needs, or schools that require user integration with complex systems such as Active Directory or their SIS, still have the option of a full implementation. But schools that are comfortable managing many of their own technical set-up items, and that are willing to manage their own user provisioning and administration, now have the option of Streamlined Implementation.

SI Simplifies How Schools Get Set Up in the System

Schools can now manage much of their set-up independently. Users create and manage their own passwords. School administrators manage their own school settings for e-hallpass. Traditionally a full implementation usually required significant involvement from the IT department or other technical staff of the school or the district, but SI can typically be handled by local school administrative staff.

Shorter Implementation Time

Under our traditional full implementation model, the average implementation time for a typical school is approximately 3 weeks (not including user training and roll-out). With streamlined implementation, your school can easily be up and running within 1 week. So if you want to accelerate implementation, SI might be good choice for you.

Reduced Implementation Costs

Because Streamlined Implementation requires less work, it costs less! A traditional full implementation may not always fit into the school’s budget, but streamlined implementation should be much more manageable from a financial standpoint, especially for smaller schools. With the SI option, getting e-hallpass should be affordable for schools of any size.
If you are interested in e-hallpass but implementation costs or complexity have been holding you back, Streamlined Implementation may be the enhancement that you need to move forward. Please contact Eduspire Solutions for a specific quote for your school.

Note: Streamlined Implementation is available to new customers only.