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FlexTime Manager for Personalized Activity PeriodsAt Eduspire Solutions, we aim to create technologies that simplify the lives of teachers and school administrators. It’s always a plus when we can streamline certain processes for students as well. FlexTime Manager is an innovative application which allows students to personalize part of their daily schedule, every day. For classrooms with device access (especially in 1:1 schools) who encounter administrative challenges when attempting to offer activity periods, FlexTime Manager is a versatile solution that offers on-the-go customization and flexibility and meets a variety of scheduling needs easily for students of all ability levels.

GettingSmart Features FTM as a Top Tool for Project-Based Learning

Activity Period PBL BlogThis blog post from EdTech, leadership and learning content source, GettingSmart, includes a mention of the FlexTime Manager app as a tool to help with PBL assessment. When used to manage activity periods and keep track of projects, FlexTime Manager can fit into curriculum in many ways. Click here or on the image to the left to read the article on the GettingSmart site. Note: you will be redirected from a new browser window.

Simplifying the Lives of Teachers and Administrators

FTM Simplifies Activity Period ManagementSince FlexTime Manager allows teachers to create their own activities and add any student, any time, educators everywhere are loving it! A teacher from Hollywood Park Elementary School in Hollywood, FL says “This product solves the problem of becoming disorganized, especially in a grade that is departmentalized. It helps to keep all student activity organized in one location, along with student data.”
FlexTime Manager makes it easy to stay organized and it also provides dynamically updated attendance data. Thoughtful features like teacher override capability and one-click tutoring management introduce simplicity never before thought possible.
Click on the image to the left to read more about how our activity period management software streamlines scheduling and attendance-taking for teachers!

Promoting Student Choice

Student Choice Activity Period ManagerFlexTime Manager provides students with unprecedented voice and choice. Students enjoy flexible, personalized choices by being able to register their activity days in advance or on the spot. Learning is fun when students have more control of their schedules!
Our activity period management app increases student participation. Students get to take ownership of their learning in addition to practicing accountability and time management skills. There are additional benefits, such as the facilitation of increased communication, a user-friendly interface, and more. Read about even more of our impressive features on the clickable PDF document to the left.

Teachers and Students Enjoy Variety and Flexibility

FlexTime Manager provides the ability to effortlessly create and manage multiple activity types. Whether your activities are open to all, limited to select groups, or include remediation or extra-curricular options, FlexTime Manager makes it easy.Activity Period Variety
Read more about FlexTime Manager’s additional features by clicking the document above, which is available for download.

Would You Like to Unleash the Full Potential of Your Activity Periods?

Contact our Solutions representatives to learn more about FlexTime Manager or to request a personalized demo. 3-4 weeks is usually all it takes to implement the software, and we offer flexible implementation options like integration into SIS, Active Directory, or Google Apps for Education. Additionally, FlexTime Manager runs on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems for multiple device capability. If you’re looking for information to take back to your school, be sure to download our benefit-specific PDF marketing sheets (below) or visit the FlexTime Manager product page to see a video overview.