Delivering a Personalized Learning Experience Through Flexible Scheduling

In recent years there has been more emphasis on personalized learning and giving students more voice and choice in their educational process. Is your school interested in learning how it can incorporate personalized learning into its schedule? FlexTime Manager, by Eduspire Solutions, is a software solution that makes flexible scheduling and personalized instruction not only […]

FTM New Product Features: Improvements to Flexible Scheduling Functionality

FTM New Product Features! We are excited to announce the following new features in FlexTime Manager to enhance flexible scheduling functionality: Improved Student Attendance Functionality for Teachers 1) We have hyperlinked the student attendance on the teacher’s “My Schedule” screen. Instead of having to scroll through the days on the Student Attendance screen to see […]

Supercharge Your Activity Periods Without the Headache!

Seamless Activity Period Management Without the Hassle | At Eduspire Solutions, we aim to create technologies that simplify the lives of teachers and school administrators. It’s always a plus when we can streamline certain processes for students as well. FlexTime Manager is an innovative application which allows students to personalize part of their daily schedule, every day. For classrooms […]