Eduspire Solutions Software Now Available on ClassLink!

Eduspire Solutions is proud to partner with ClassLink, a tool which “provides OneClick single sign-on into web and Windows applications, and instant access to files at school and in the cloud. Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, ClassLink is ideal for 1 to 1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives,” allowing more time […]

e-hallpass Now Available in the App Store!

There’s an App for That! e-hallpass, the digital hall pass tool from Eduspire Solutions, is now available in the Google Play app store for Android users and the Apple app store for iOS users. While the mobile app provides added convenience and ease of use, the browser version of e-hallpass remains accessible on any device/platform. […]

Integrate EdTech and Keep Your Teaching Authentic

Should Teachers Use Tech to Teach? In this blog post from We Are Teachers, there are some great tips about teaching with technology. The main takeaways are to use EdTech tools to enhance student learning, not replace traditional teaching. Many modern teachers have the goal of engaging students with learning activities that are fun as […]

The Likely Role of AR & VR in Modern Education

The Likely Role of AR & VR in Modern Education   Image credit: Roundup Reads Guest post by Patrick Foster of Ecommerce Tips How Will AR & VR Technologies Fit Into Education? The education system has always needed to have its finger on the pulse of the technology industry, because while the principles of pedagogy […]

Learn More About the Most Customizable Master of Educational Technology Degree in the Country

Can’t Get Enough EdTech? Why Not Get an EdTech Masters Degree? Hi everyone! If you’d like to learn an edtech masters degree online, keep reading! As you’re probably aware, our sister company, Eduspire, is an innovative provider of professional development courses for teachers. Through their more than 50 ed-tech related courses, Eduspire seeks to reinvigorate teachers […]

The Future of EdTech Holds Some Exciting Possibilities

Undoubtedly one of the slower industries to adopt and widely use technology to reshape itself, education is finally coming around. Gradually, schools across the country are starting to allocate budgets toward digital initiatives and tech tools aimed at improving the learning experience and streamlining processes. One example of a tech tool that has not yet […]

Personalized Learning and EdTech: What Really Works?

Personalized Learning is a Big Picture Concept As we discussed in another of our blog posts called “Defining Personalized Learning,”  there are many components and approaches to this very broad term. It’s not one-size-fits-all; there is no “personalized learning” policy manual that says a school or a teacher should perform in any specific way to […]

10 Great EdTech Lists to Ring in the New Year

10 Great EdTech Lists to Ring in the New Year Many classrooms are full of activity in the busy weeks leading up to the holidays. There might be tests, projects, celebrations, and concerts while teachers have grades to submit and clean-up to tackle. It’s not unusual for some of the initiatives that had teachers inspired in […]

Personalize Learning with Technology and Help Students Achieve Goals

From Around the Web: Exploring Technology’s Impact on Personalized Learning In this EdTech Digest guest column post, titled “Getting Personal,” by Jason Wright, the evolution of personalized learning in education is explored, as well as the vital role technology plays in creating a student-centered learning environment. What Exactly Is Personalized Learning? Wright defines personalized learning as […]