Pooled Online Teaching Within a School: FlexTime Manager COVID-19 Update

Moving Instruction Online? FlexTime Manager is Here to Help! You can set up pooled online teaching within a school! Break down the rostered walls of Learning Management Systems, and pool your staff availability to offer support to all students. Watch this short (3-minute) video Original Use Case for School Remediation Periods Personalized Activity Periods Without […]

Chicago Tribune | Ridgewood High Adopts FlexTime Manager for Upcoming School Year

Ridgewood freshmen to set class times under new flex schedule Ridgewood High School freshmen will design their own weekly class schedules this fall under a new flex schedule program to begin in about six weeks, said Principal Chris Uhle. Flextime Manager functions through the students’ school-issued iPads and gives students an opportunity to design weekly […]

Delivering a Personalized Learning Experience Through Flexible Scheduling

In recent years there has been more emphasis on personalized learning and giving students more voice and choice in their educational process. Is your school interested in learning how it can incorporate personalized learning into its schedule? FlexTime Manager, by Eduspire Solutions, is a software solution that makes flexible scheduling and personalized instruction not only […]

New Scheduling Capabilities Available with Latest FlexTime Manager Update

Latest FlexTime Manager Release Provides New Scheduling Features! Scheduling Multiple Activities Within the Same Flex Period (for Single Flex Schools) For Single Flex schools (those only running one flex period per day), FlexTime Manager now allows for scheduling multiple activities within the same flex period! What you need to know: The teacher interface will look […]