Pooled Online Teaching Within a School: FlexTime Manager COVID-19 Update

Moving Instruction Online? FlexTime Manager is Here to Help! You can set up pooled online teaching within a school! Break down the rostered walls of Learning Management Systems, and pool your staff availability to offer support to all students. Watch this short (3-minute) video Original Use Case for School Remediation Periods Personalized Activity Periods Without […]

Thomas Jefferson High School Implements Personal Learning Time

Thomas Jefferson High School Implements Personal Learning Time This article first appeared on TribLive, by Trib Total Media | Written by Stephanie Hacke | September 26, 2019 Tranquil music echoes through the main hallway of Thomas Jefferson High School’s athletic wing during the middle of the school day. Roughly 20 students lay on the turf […]

Chicago Tribune | Ridgewood High Adopts FlexTime Manager for Upcoming School Year

Ridgewood freshmen to set class times under new flex schedule Ridgewood High School freshmen will design their own weekly class schedules this fall under a new flex schedule program to begin in about six weeks, said Principal Chris Uhle. Flextime Manager functions through the students’ school-issued iPads and gives students an opportunity to design weekly […]

The Likely Role of AR & VR in Modern Education

The Likely Role of AR & VR in Modern Education   Image credit: Roundup Reads Guest post by Patrick Foster of Ecommerce Tips How Will AR & VR Technologies Fit Into Education? The education system has always needed to have its finger on the pulse of the technology industry, because while the principles of pedagogy […]

Truly Personalized Learning: A Top-Down Approach to Curriculum Design

Is A Standard Curriculum Necessary? The argument for less standardization and broader curricula in schools is not an unfamiliar one. Standardized state curriculum, standardized testing, and Common Core state standards are, with good intentions, designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to be academically successful and to equip/adequately prepare them for a fruitful collegiate […]

Personalized Learning and EdTech: What Really Works?

Personalized Learning is a Big Picture Concept As we discussed in another of our blog posts called “Defining Personalized Learning,”  there are many components and approaches to this very broad term. It’s not one-size-fits-all; there is no “personalized learning” policy manual that says a school or a teacher should perform in any specific way to […]

Defining Personalized Learning

What is Personalized Learning? More than just an ed-tech buzzword, “personalized learning” refers to a set of methodologies and approaches to learning in which instruction is not one-size-fits-all, but is adapted specifically to the needs, abilities, and interests of individual learners. Katrina Stevens, Deputy Director in the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of […]

Personalize Learning with Technology and Help Students Achieve Goals

From Around the Web: Exploring Technology’s Impact on Personalized Learning In this EdTech Digest guest column post, titled “Getting Personal,” by Jason Wright, the evolution of personalized learning in education is explored, as well as the vital role technology plays in creating a student-centered learning environment. What Exactly Is Personalized Learning? Wright defines personalized learning as […]