West Virginia High School's Reopening Plans to Include e-hallpass

Kari Conaway, Staff Writer for The Record Delta, talked to Buckhannon-Upshur High School’s new Principal Mr. Jonathan Pollock about his reopening plans for the impending school season. In this article, which originally appeared on The Record Delta on August 28th, 2020, Principal Pollock detailed some of the school’s plans for reopening.

In-Person Learning Resumes with e-hallpass at Massachusetts School

In-Person Reopening Plans at Pope Francis Prep in Springfield, MA to Include e-hallpass In this article originally posted by Western Mass News, e-hallpass is cited as having been added to the in-person reopening plan for Pope Francis Prep in Springfield, MA. Head of School Dr. Paul Harrington shared that the school’s relatively small number of […]

How Can e-hallpass Help You With Social Distancing?

Worried About Social Distancing for the Upcoming School Year? How will you comply? How will you keep students and staff safe? Worried about crowded hallways, bathrooms, and classrooms? What about germy hall pass objects, shared devices, and increased burdens on already-stretched staff members? Learn about 9 features of e-hallpass (such as contact-less hall pass management, […]