The Tech Edvocate: e-hallpass Review

This article first appeared at | Written by Mathew Lynch | June 28th, 2022

e-hallpass allows educators and administrators to give hallway permissions to learners, and to track activity in a school’s hallways. The device is intended to improve both the accountability of learners and staff, and learner security. The product is offered for purchase on a per-learner, per year basis.

Learners access e-hallpass via any web browser and write up a request to leave the classroom. This request includes both their planned destination and the reason they wish to leave. Learners show the pass to their educator, who approves it by entering her unique pin number. When the learner arrives at his destination, the receiving educator enters her pin, and the first educator receives a notification that the learner has arrived.

e-hallpass also enables staff to track data on learner hallway activity. A timer tracks how long the learner spent in between being checked out and checked in, and this information is sent to both educators. The tool will operate an online queue for problems for visiting the nurse, and allow librarians to send feedback on learner behavior back to the classroom educator. Finally, staff receive alerts for learners who are not checked in to their final destination, improving school security.