Activity Voting App

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Runs on all web and app platforms


  • Teachers control their own schedule!
  • Easily assign students to activities based on their votes
  • Students enjoy voice and choice by ranking the available options
  • Selections are color-coded by ranking within an easy-to-use interface
  • Drag-and-drop simplicity allows students to be moved easily from one activity to another
  • Perfect for teachers running gym classes, computer labs, music, art activities, and more
  • Intuitive tracking makes it easy to follow up with students who haven’t voted
  • Teachers gain insight into patterns of student choice and can modify future offerings accordingly
  • Teachers and students benefit from a more streamlined process that promotes choice
  • If offerings are constrained due to limited facilities or supplies, VoiceChoicer allows for easy student allocation and reassignment
  • Teachers can override student selections or change their offerings at any time
  • Reporting and placement tracking ensures fairness and organization
  • Streamlines attendance-taking and pinpoints non-compliant students