Benefits of Using an electronic Hallpass

What Are the Benefits of Using an Electronic Hallpass?

New technologies are changing the game for education. Software programs can now digitize assignments, maintain attendance records, prevent cheating, and proctor and even grade exams.

One of the last stubborn holdouts of the analog era, it seems, are hall passes . Hallpasses are a staple in the daily lives of students and teachers. That is why Eduspire Solutions has developed a cloud-based e-Hallpass, a cloud-based digital hall pass for the 21st century. Let’s look at the benefits of using an electronic hallpass at your school.

Hallway Management

Keeping the hallways clear during class time is a challenge that requires the cooperation of administrators, teachers, and students alike. Traditional paper hall passes can let hall monitors know whether students can be out of class. However, that is where the usefulness ends.

With Eduspire Solutions e-Hallpass, students can use their own devices to request a pass. They may select from a list of reasons for the pass and locations. Eduspire Solutions’ software records the details of the student’s use of the pass. School administrators can allot each student a specified number of hall passes each day. When students reach their limit, the app will not allow them to request more. Likewise, administrators can also restrict the locations students are allowed to go. For example, if a restroom has reached capacity, a pass request may be denied until space becomes available.

Educators can also access live reports on e-Hallpass usage. These reports allow them to know and limit the number of students in the hallway at a given time. This limitation helps to promote social distancing. Because the program is contactless, there is no unnecessary transmission of germs. E-Hallpass software can also provide contact tracing if needed.

Building Security

Every educator’s top priority is keeping their campus safe and 0ne of the benefits of using an electronic hallpass is building security. E-Hallpass makes security more manageable and more efficient. The passes are tracked in real time, so the school would instantly know who is out of class and their location if an emergency were to happen.

E-Hallpass also allows administrators to restrict certain students from being out of class simultaneously. This is especially helpful in preventing vaping and vandalism, which often occur in groups. By monitoring which students are where, administrators can feel assured knowing that incompatible or disruptive students are not roaming the halls together.

Classroom Management

Streamlining classroom time is another benefit of using an e-Hallpass. Because students fill out and request passes themselves, interruptions are minimized and teachers have more time for instruction.

To evaluate students’ hall pass patterns, educators can monitor individual users throughout the course of a day, week, month, or even the entire school year. Even as students change teachers throughout the day, this system ensures that they remain accountable for the time spent out of class.

Appointment Passes

Scheduling appointments via the e-Hallpass app makes life simpler for teachers and students. Users can block out time to save impromptu meetings from interruptions, or schedule meetings in advance. Teachers can also set themselves as out-of-office, preventing anyone from scheduling a meeting during a particular block of time.

With e-Hallpass, teachers have the ability to schedule a pass for any student. The student will receive an alert on their device, notifying them that the pass has been issued. The reverse is also true: students can request an appointment with an instructor at any time (subject to the instructor’s approval).

Another upside of scheduling student-teacher meetings on e-Hallpass is discretion. If a student needs extra assistance, or if there is a disciplinary matter to discuss, requesting a meeting out loud could lead to embarrassment for the student. Because e-Hallpass discreetly sends notifications to an individual’s personal device, the student can take note of the appointment without any disruption to the class environment.

Benefits of using an electronic hallpass include communication, organization, safety, and tracking advantages that old-fashioned paper passes don’t even come close to. Contact us online to optimize learning time at your school or schedule a demo to get a complete walkthrough of e-hallpass