Pros and Cons of Using FlexTime Manager

What are the Pros and Cons of Using FlexTime Manager?

Eduspire Solutions’ FlexTime Manager is an intuitive and versatile cloud-based solution for managing student flex time and activity periods while allowing students to have a voice and choice in their education. Although we designed our system to help streamline activity period scheduling and student engagement, there are some pros and cons of using FlexTime Manager. It helps to understand the advantages and disadvantages of using our system so that you can help your students get the most out of their academic experience and excel both in school and in life.

Benefit #1: Provides Customized Scheduling

As a teacher, you can use FlexTime Manager to customize your activity periods to align with your needs and the needs of your students. Our system works with your school’s SIS and offers you a great deal of control over how and when you schedule your activity or flex-time periods. 

You can use FlexTime Manager to schedule required student activities, such as remediation or make-up tests, and you can schedule peer tutoring and time for accelerated learning. You can also plan extra-curricular activities and provide other meaningful options for your students that enhance their academics, including student-led activities and different “voice and choice” options. 

Benefit #2: Gives You and Your Students Choices

FlexTime Manager allows for personalized and flexible learning schedules in both on-campus and hybrid/off-campus settings while expanding the traditional model of a study hall where students are often bored and unproductive.

Our system breaks the mold of traditional activity period models and delivers a way to provide help to students who need it and offer engaging activities for those who don’t. With FlexTime Manager, you can provide numerous activities to your students to help them get the most out of their “free time.” 

For instance, instead of sitting in study hall or working on repetitive enforcement assignments, students can attend clubs, do lab work, or engage in other activities that will support their emotional and academic needs. Students enjoy being able to select the options they want instead of having to follow rigid schedules they cannot control.

When considering the pros and cons of using FlexTime Manager, you must consider your student’s social and emotional growth. Using our system, you can offer your students ways to engage in school-related activities with their peers that will foster important relationships for years. 

Benefit #3: Reduces Your Workload (and Stress)

With a user-friendly interface, FlexTime Manager makes it easy for you to schedule and manage your activity period offerings. You can limit the number of students allowed for an activity and set it up so that students who do not get along or have no-contact orders won’t attend the same activity. You can also monitor student progress and track attendance, and the system provides a robust student search feature to quickly locate a student if needed.

Disadvantages of Using FlexTime Manager

We developed FlexTime Manager to address and fix the problems many schools face with offering flex time to their students: namely, ensuring students are continually engaged and not wasting their time during activity periods. 

Students can select their own choices and use the system to receive feedback and assessments, but students who do not have access to a computer may not be able to interface with the system. However, most schools provide computers for students to use, and we offer a mobile version of the app. 

Although we designed the system to be as user-friendly as possible, some users may struggle with using the software, and being software, it is susceptible to the same glitches as any technology. But we offer exceptional customer support and numerous resources to help you and your students get as much out of our system as possible.

Considering the pros and cons of using Eduspire Solutions’ FlexTime Manager, it is evident that our system offers far more advantages than disadvantages. FlexTime Manager can help you and your students manage schedules and workload, and students can receive the help they need and engage in meaningful activities to get the most out of their education.