Why is FlexTime Manager So Popular With Students

Why is FlexTime Manager So Popular With Students?

For most students, Flex Periods aren’t worth a second thought. These flexible blocks of time — called activity, advisory, or personalized learning periods, depending on the school — are typically set aside for remedial work.

While helpful for some, the unintended consequence for many students is that they feel like nothing more than a tedious study hall arbitrarily wedged into the school day. Now, Eduspire Solutions has developed a way to utilize Flex Periods to meet the needs of all students, no matter how diverse.

It’s called FlexTime Manager, and it can make a big difference in student culture, engagement, and academic success. The easy-to-use software is a hit with teachers planning their Flex Periods — but students love it, too. Why is FlexTime Manager so popular with students?

FlexTime Manager Gives Students Options

One of the main reasons students experience frustration with the learning process is that they’re expected to follow rigid schedules over which they have little control. Curriculum requirements and limited course options do not allow much room for students to make meaningful choices or follow their educational interests. Flex time should be the perfect opportunity for students to focus on the things they feel they need.

Enter FlexTime Manager, a program designed to allow students to do just that! With the Flex Time Manager app, students can arrange their Flex Periods themselves. The way it works is simple.

  • Teachers post in advance the activities they will be offering during their flex time
  • Using the FlexTime Manager app, students select which activities they will attend during their Flex Period
  • When the time comes, students attend whichever class they’ve chosen — and some teachers may even offer multiple  activities in the same period

At Eduspire Solutions, we understand that students are all different. An activity that works for one could be entirely unhelpful for another. FlexTime Manager fully embraces students’ individual needs and goals. Instead of Flex Periods that are repetitive and unfocused, students can choose activities that align with their areas of interest.

FlexTime Manager Allows Students to Maximize School Time

Another reason why is FlexTime Manager is so popular with students is that it saves them time. Many kids will spend a traditional Flex Period studying quietly — regardless of whether they need to. Instead of mandating that every student should do the same thing, FlexTime Manager allows each individual to schedule whatever will be the most helpful for their interests and needs. This adaptability allows students to use in-school time for activities that may typically fall outside of school hours.

For example, most students take makeup tests before or after school. But what if students and teachers could arrange for these tests to be taken during school hours, without sacrificing class or lunchtime — freeing up after-school time for other pursuits? Other activities that students might take advantage of include:

  • Social-Emotional Time (such as a walk with peers)
  • Enrichment
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Labs
  • Clubs and Service Orgs

FlexTime Manager Creates a Well-Rounded School Experience

Diversifying flex options gives students a chance to experience various unique activities. Rather than enduring the same study hall every day, students find they actually look forward to their Flex Period. Greater student happiness leads to greater engagement and a better overall school culture. In addition, the customization aspect of FlexTime Manager also better prepares students for higher education, where they’ll make their own decisions about courses and schedules. Students can begin college with experience prioritizing their interests and managing their time.

To be clear: having more options does not mean students needing remedial assistance will be left out in the cold. FlexTime Manager is about creating additional options, not taking any away. If a student needs help, they can continue to use their Flex Periods for that purpose.

So, why is FlexTime Manager so popular with students? Because it gives them some control over their learning experience while ensuring that they fulfill their curriculum requirements. It’s the best of both worlds.