West Virginia High School's Reopening Plans to Include e-hallpass

Kari Conaway, Staff Writer for The Record Delta, talked to Buckhannon-Upshur High School’s new Principal Mr. Jonathan Pollock about his reopening plans for the impending school season.
In this article, which originally appeared on The Record Delta on August 28th, 2020, Principal Pollock detailed some of the school’s plans for reopening.

In addition to cleaning and sanitization schedules, face covering requirements and the disciplinary actions that will be taken for non compliance, plans for scheduling, dismissal, and students who are exhibiting symptoms, the school will be implementing recently purchased e-hallpass software to help monitor and curb hall traffic.
The article states, “B-UHS will also be utilizing new software, e-hallpass, to help monitor how many students are out of the classroom in real time, which the students will report themselves with their iPads. This will work to keep crowd numbers down in the hallways.”
Another article (from The Inter-Mountain), reporting about the same school district, said this about e-hallpass: “a new software purchase, e-hallpass, will help administrators monitor in real time how many students are out of each classroom for not just restroom breaks but visits to the office and other errands.” Principal Pollock was quoted as saying,

“We will be able to monitor on our iPads so we will know how many students we have in the hallway at any given time,” he said. “It’s handy software we are going to monitor to make sure we don’t have persistent traffic.”

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