You're Not Still Using Outdated Paper Hall Passes, Are You?

The Online, Digital Hall Pass Solution |

Ground Breaking Digital Hall Pass SolutionEduspire Solutions is proud of its flagship product, e-hallpass!
e-hallpass is a ground-breaking application designed to modernize today’s antiquated methods of administering hall passes. e-hallpass is also the only comprehensive digital hall pass solution on the market today. It handles all pass situations, including bathroom and locker visits, library and hub spaces, and requests from guidance, discipline, or the main office. A central dashboard continuously logs and monitors student time in the halls, improving school security and emergency management protocols. Perhaps most noteworthy: classroom disruptions are reduced by as much as 50%.

Educents Calls e-hallpass “A High-Tech Way to Monitor the Halls”

Digital Hall Pass Solution

This review from popular education content source, Educents, includes an in-depth explanation of how e-hallpass works and why it’s taking off, in addition to a promotional video overview. Click here or on the image to the right to read the article on the Educents site. Note: you will be redirected from a new browser window.

Enhancing School Security

Digital Hall Pass Security
e-hallpass increases safety for the entire school through its cutting-edge tracking capability. School staff will have knowledge (building-wide) of who is in the hall at all times, enjoying effortless management of thousands of students as a result. Most of all, the ability to quickly locate students in the event of an emergency and account for all whereabouts is truly priceless. Even better, students are not required to carry devices through the hallways because all pass data is available from the central dashboard.
Click on the image to the left to read more about how our digital hall pass enhances school security and to see what educators have said about the app’s security features!

Improving Student Behavior

Ever wished you could find out where students really go when they make repetitive requests? Well, now you can! Then you can use that information to flag student hall pass outliers in order to prohibit certain students from meeting in the hallways. Now it’s easy to identify hall pass abusers, too. Data and insights gathered through the app’s reporting feature can be used to inform proactive conversations with students to stem problematic behavior.
Digital Hall Pass Behavior
The snapshot above is a clickable PDF which outlines the student behavior management capabilities of e-hallpass. In addition, it details which of our digital hall pass benefits have been observed by educators nationwide.

Simplifying Classroom Management

Digital Hall Pass Classroom Management
Teachers love e-hallpass because it makes pass completion simple and creates no extra work for the teacher. The app can also be used for student call-downs or to schedule future passes for guidance and office visits. No more public announcements or phone calls to request students!
Furthermore, e-hallpass minimizes classroom interruptions. Students take responsibility for filling out simple passes for restroom and locker visits, greatly improving efficiency. Open the downloadable PDF to the left to learn how this digital hall pass solution makes classroom management seamless, and see what other educators have already seen for themselves.

Ready for Your Own Digital Hall Pass Success Story?

School faculty and administrators can contact a Solutions representative to get started or to request a personalized webinar. The typical implementation timeframe is 2-4 weeks, and flexible implementation options include integration into SIS or Google Apps for Education. e-hallpass runs on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems for multiple device capability. Want information to take back to your school? Finally, be sure to download our benefit-specific PDF marketing sheets (below) or visit the e-hallpass product page to watch a video overview.